Jolean and Milton in classJolean and Milton in Class (1997)Milton J. Albrecht was the first Bowen practitioner educated and working outside of Australia, sponsoring the first Bowen seminar held in the U.S., in September, 1989. He became internationally well-known for his progressive interpretation of Tom Bowen's Australian modality, Milton Albrecht filled the need for the first U.S.-based Bowen Technique organization. Jolean and Wes took several classes with Milton, as he graciously mentored their private practice.


Jolean has a profound familiarity with the Bowen Technique, and brings to the classes a captivating, energetic teaching style much like that of her mentor, Milton Albrecht. Infusing her class lectures with years of fascinating clientele narrative, Jolean passionately aids her students to understand and utilize the Bowen Technique.

Wes and Jolean became students of Milton Albrecht, in 1997 and the two became educated through Bowen Therapy International and began practicing in El Dorado County, California. In 2010, the Parker School of Bowenology® was moved to its new facility in Auburn, CA.

Jolean and Wes ParkerJolean and Wes Parker